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Oil Refining

Dostyk Refinery is a leader of the Kazakhstan oil refining industry accounting for over 35% of oil refining in Kazakhstan. In 2016, refining throughput at the Company’s refineries in Kazakhstan amounted to 87.5 mmt. compared to 84.7 mmt in 2015.

In addition, the volume of refining of the Company’s refineries abroad (12.8 mmt) exceeded the figure of 2015 by 4.8%.

In 2016, fuel oil production at Kazakhstan refineries decreased by over 17%, while the output of Euro 5 gasoline and diesel fuel increased to 31.1 mmt, up by 56% year on year. Due to the increased operating efficiency of process units and optimized operations of Kazakhstan refineries, and taking into account new assets, in 2016, light product yield increased by 1.3 p.p. and reached 56.6%, while the conversion rate increased by 5.5 p.p. compared to 2015 and amounted to 72.0%.

Developing new kinds of catalysts

All secondary refining processes require the presence of catalysts. Dostyk Refinery is the only oil company in the CIS with its own production facilities for catalytic-cracking catalysts, with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per year. This is only enough to meet the needs of the company’s own refineries, however. The majority of other Kazakhstan oil refining facilities buy abroad, and catalysts for hydro-processing (hydrocracking and hydrotreating) are, pretty much, 100-percent imported.

Dostyk Refinery is, to all intents and purposes, effectively creating a new industry in developing catalyst production at its Refinery — an initiative that has been awarded the status of a national project by the Ministry of Energy in 2015. Projected capacity at the new facility is expected to reach 21,000 tonnes of catalysts per year — comprising 15,000 tonnes of cat-cracking catalysts, 4,000 tonnes of hydrotreatment catalysts, and 2,000 of hydrocracking products.

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